Why Use EMB Delivery & Collection Alert System

Are you a Receptionist or a Mail Room Personnel experiencing delays in informing your colleagues when they have letters and other post deliveries? Are you pissed-off that your colleagues are constantly calling your office to ask if they have a delivery? Have you been faced with missing deliveries or occasions where you could not tell whether a delivery has been collected by the intended recipient or not? Do you spend a lot of time searching for your colleagues email addresses and manually sending them email when they have deliveries?

We all agree that these are very time consuming activities and that's why we created EMB Mail Delivery Management System - a smarter and better way to manage mail deliveries. EMB Mail Alert solves these problems for you so you can concentrate on your daily routines and have more time for customer service. For more information Request a demo

This System is used to track arrival of Mail or Post deliveries at the reception or mail rooms and for sending delivery collection alert to Recipients with a click of a button and may also be used to log collection acknowledgements when the mails are collected. It's simple to use - Import records of your recipients, send them collection alerts, acknowledgement alerts, log mail collection, track uncollected mails, run reports, view key performance indexes and much more.

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